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The Atelier du Patrimoine Marignanais is a center for archaeological and historical study. Its vocation is archaeological and historical research on the town, the enhancement of its monumental and cultural heritage and the transmission of its knowledge.

For this purpose of transmission, the Atelier du Patrimoine carries out cultural actions and events each year aimed at the general public and more particularly young people. These events attract a growing number of young schoolchildren, college students, high school students but also, by this public and thanks to the diversity  activities offered throughout the year, they attract a regional audience and beyond.

These events owe their success to the energy and passion that  the volunteers and members of the Atelier du Patrimoine Marignanais who, in their capacity as archaeologists, students, working people, but also retired people, eager for knowledge, never cease to invest themselves and make their time and knowledge available to the reach of the greatest number in order to transmit the values of our history and the richness of our archaeological, monumental and cultural heritage. They also owe their success to their diversity and the simplicity of their messages and cover the Prehistoric, Celto-Ligurian, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Modern and Contemporary periods.





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